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Clothing Bank

We provide clothing, shoes, and housing resources to combat homelessness in our community. We aid victims of domestic violence, rape, natural disasters, and incarceration by providing basic needs, re-entry, and follow-up services to support their recovery and success.

Seminars/Classes (Family Recovery)

The substance abuse family recovery class is very dear to the founder’s heart. During her brother’s experience in the hand of a prophet who professed to have cure for substance abuse, Clara watched helplessly as the prophet chained her brother’s hands and feet during what she has come to understand as withdrawal symptoms. Because of her family’s inexperience with substance abuse, her father would usually have her brother thrown in jail or beaten by groups of stronger men. Clara’s brother suffered & struggled with substance abuse for 30 years before dying of drug overdose at 52 years old. It is imperative to know that addiction is a family disease which passes through families generationally. Family recovery group meetings are an opportunity for recovery. The knowledge gleaned in the group becomes the alley through which individuals and the immediate family can combat the intergenerational transmission of addictive behaviors or disorders.

Usually, change begins with one person in the same way addiction begins with one family member. The uniqueness of this group is that the facilitators will be shifting perspectives to the family members as clients and will not view the addicted individual as the client. By giving principal consideration to the family systems, the entire family shares the responsibility of becoming potential cycle breakers of addiction. Clara has a strong desire to the family addiction cycle, so she encourages anyone struggling with or related to individuals with substance abuse to enroll in this class.

Counseling/Pastoral Care/ Chaplain Services

Pastors, professional counselors, and chaplains are available to provide spiritual guidance, leadership, empathy, and prayer during times of bereavement, grief or loss. Pastoral care counseling also provides coaching, educational seminars, and encouragement for women on marital, social and personal topics.

Education/Basic Computer & Financial Literacy Education

We provide computer and financial literacy to encourage learning, aid GED studies, refresh academic skills, and create employment opportunities. We seek restoration of self-worth, stimulation of growth, and achievement by teaching and enhancing skills to ensure women will be able to provide for themselves and their children.

Fellowship Breakfast

On the last Saturday of each month, we host a Fellowship Breakfast for Women to enjoy food, camaraderie, share life moments and learn from motivational speakers.

Bible Study Fellowship

We provide free copies of Bibles to Christian women who are without, offer spiritual literature, teach women through study how to focus on living a Godly life abundant in blessings and acceptable to God: Titus 2: 1-15; Ephesians 5: 22-33; Colossians 3: 18-25; 1 Peter 3:1 –12.