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I was one of the women’s support group members. At the time, we met every Monday and Saturday morning. I will never forget at the time my marriage was having a very difficult time to the point of contemplating divorce. Clara once asked what I think would make me feel better about myself. I said if I could get a job, I can earn income that would make me feel fulfilled. The problem was I did not have the GED that was always required everywhere I sought employment. Clara created the GED program, paid the tuition, and supervised my study for the exam. I began with a part-time job and today I have a full-time job and my family has never been the same. Thank you Women for Christ Foundation, thank you Clara!” (Maria).

“Clara Stephens is the Founder and Executive Director of Women for Christ International foundation. Once in a while when I stop by her organization, I watch her as she interacts politely with her clients, women needing assistance, as well as the homeless stopping by needing one help or the other” (Tony).

“Clara has a very humble attitude, when interacting with people she never shows up as a know it all, she is always willing to listen and she will always take a biblical approach in sharing her advice. Whenever I need someone to listen to me, I never hesitate to call or stop-by the foundation” (Julia).