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Women for Christ International Foundation, Inc. (WFCIF) is a Federally Registered 501©3 community support non-profit organization based in  Gainesville, Georgia, with the mission of “empowering women for life. We welcome all people without regard to culture, race, ethnicity, or religion.” WFCIF serves women from all walks of life and helps to identify and address barriers to success.  Through WFCIF, women and their families receive Free Emotional healing from traumatic memories program [Inner Healing], mentorship, counseling services, literacy training, and resources needed to ensure that they can lead healthy and productive lives. All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Women for Christ International Foundation was founded by Clara Stephens, M.A., M.Div. Author, Speaker, Chaplain, and Missionary to meet the needs of women in her community.  Clara’s previous traumatic experiences have uniquely equipped and motivated her to create a space where women feel welcomed and supported. More importantly, she and her team are highly skilled in meeting the varied needs of their target population.

WFCIF focuses on developing a long-term strategy for recovery, and addressing the underlying pain is the key to lasting behavior change. By providing targeted free emotional healing programs, counseling services, mentorship, and referrals to other community agencies, WFCIF is helping to alleviate emotional pain, address the root causes that lead women to abuse alcohol and drugs, and provide skills for coping with family members in addiction.

We enlist the support, services, donations, and funding from private individuals, churches, volunteers, and the business community. We align our services with appropriate city, state, & federal programs to aid our community.

Your donations help our foundation to empower women & families in our community to face and overcome life challenges. All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.